Your kids will learn to sail... and so much more!

Your kids will gain many skills on and off the water from our certified instructors.
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Your child will learn the basics of sailing and learn to trust their judgement over time.  Once the kids learn how to sail on their own, they will experience a great sense of accomplishment. 
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The kids will have many opportunities to learn the value of teamwork. They will help each other master new sailing techniques and will work together to become expert sailors.
We have sent our two youngest kids to the sailing camp for the last three years. They loved learning from the instructors and couldn't wait to go back each day! We are so happy we found this great camp for our kids to return to each summer.

The Andrews Family

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Setting up and taking down a boat helps create discipline and responsbility. Each sailing camp member will learn how to fully rig a sailboat and will be responsible for keeping the sailing locker organized. Our sailing summer camp runs on a consistent schedule which will help your child learn to be self sufficient. 
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Have Fun!

Most of all, we want the kids to have fun! We will have fun activies planned throughout the summer including a picnic on Hog Island.
Our son, Michael, loved going to sailing camp every summer. He started at the age of 5 and ended up sailing in high school and college. He is still friends with many of the campers he met when he was young and has fond memories of sailing in Bristol Harbor.

The Dyer Family

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